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Advanced Solutions

You’re in the driver’s seat, so tell us what you need. No compromise. No exceptions.

You won’t find “one-size-fits-all” here! Address highly complex or custom networking, storage and compute needs with hands-on engineering by Faction-certified Advanced Solutions Specialists. Take advantage of professional services and customization to meet even the most demanding cloud requirements




Flexibility to the Nth Degree

Faction Cloud is all about flexibility, but there still might come a point where deeper customization is required. Complex networking? Cross connects? High GPU requirements? No problem. Our team of Advanced Solution Specialists are experienced in engineering the tough stuff.

Hands-On Experience

We have hands-on experience with high CPU requirements, bare metal sleds, adding public IPs, vLANS, BGP, etc.; you can depend on our team to draw on that experience to help accomplish your most complex and ambitious cloud initiatives.

Faster Results

With experience comes efficiency. Faction Advanced Solutions will likely save you a good chunk of time in the implementation.

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Advanced Solutions Examples

  • Bare Metal Solutions. Faction will assist you in configuring bare metal solutions to run your own hypervisor or management platform, such as OpenStack. Conquer any custom database needs using our myriad of high performance compute options.
  • Hybrid cloud and colocation. Have multiple colocation providers and on-premise locations? Cloud environments and hypervisors? Let Faction engineers unify all your disparate parts and thoughtfully integrate them into one cohesive architecture. Faction Advanced Solutions Specialists will assist you with cross-connect strategies, integration of physical equipment, re-architecting, and anything else that your team needs.
  • Recalibrate workloads for the cloud . If you’re switching cloud providers or have workloads that are too big or too fast or too burdensome for the cloud, let our Advanced Solutions experts re-design your workloads from the ground up. We want your company to reap all the benefits of cloud in a custom technology solution. 3D enablement of VDI, high performance computing, and complex network configurations are only the tip of the custom solutions iceberg.
  • InterCloud. InterCloud is the interconnected global cloud of clouds. It allows users to leverage the best of every cloud provider! Faction’s InterCloud solutions feature remote storage for AWS enterprise, Microsoft Azure, and Cisco customers. Ask your Faction team for information today.