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White Label Cloud

White Cloud. Dedicated Private Cloud for White Label Partners.

White Label Factions’s enterprise-class IaaS cloud as your own, a cloud with plenty of horsepower. On Faction’s infrastructure you can build single virtual machines with 1 TB RAM, 64 vCPUs and 100,000 IOPS to support the most demanding enterprise workloads.



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White Label Cloud as Your Own

Faction’s White Cloud is a dedicated private cloud environment for Channel Partners who wish to white-label Faction Cloud as their own, under their own brand. Partners can choose the hypervisor of their choice, or leverage Faction’s VMware virtualization tool set. Features include:

Deep Control

  • Partition, control, allocate, and manage your customer clouds with a dedicated, branded management portal for White Label channel partners.
  • Agnostic cloud platform allows Channel Partners to leverage technology vendors of choice atop Faction Cloud

Dedicated Compute, Storage & Network Resources

  • Choose from Cisco UCS or Open Stack
  • NetApp FAS8000 Series Storage with multi-petabyte capabilities
  • Redundant 10 GB+ dedicated network ensures dramatic intra-cloud performance

Patented Layer 2 Direct Connect

  • Plug-in your network as-is and bring your own subnets, vLAN topology, router, firewall, and VPN architectures
  • Seamlessly interconnects all private, public, and on-premise cloud resources


Faction will never compete against a channel partner for end-user business. We are 100 percent channel-centric. We serve as an extension of our partners’ teams, aid in complex deals and deliver superior service management.


Partners maximize profits by building cloud-enabled services such as disaster recovery, private and public cloud, backup in the cloud, virtual desktop, and more atop Faction’s IaaS platform. Cloud profit margins up to 75% are commonplace for Faction partners in this model.


Build and grow your cloud practice at your own pace without capital expenditure. With minimal product development cycles, Faction’s channel partners recognize revenue faster. Extensive sales enablement tools provided by Faction ensure partners have the training, marketing resources and funnel-building campaigns they need to make an immediate impact.

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Use Cases

  • Hybrid cloud environments: Enable portability between on-premise, co-located and cloud environments
  • Production cloud: Support enterprise-class applications from Tier 0 to Tier 4, test/dev environments and seasonal spikes
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service: Failover to the cloud for a cost-effective, efficient disaster prevention mechanism
  • Virtual Desktop in the Cloud: Enables VDI services in the cloud to capture one of the most profitable services in the marketplace
  • Backup to the Cloud: An ideal entry-point into the cloud for backup protection and archiving

Why Faction White Label Cloud

  • Channel Partners preserve their brand name and customer relationships. Faction serves as an extension to Channel Partner teams
  • Deeper Control and broader customization capabilities keep Channel Partners in the driver’s seat
  • Cloud nodes in eight geographies worldwide reduce latency of critical applications and deliver exceptional performance
  • Dedicated Layer 2 Direct Connection simplifies global cloud deployments and improves security
  • Aggregated performance that only an infrastructure of our magnitude can provide, without capital expense
  • 24 x 7 customer support and 100% availability SLAs