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Backup as a Service

Data protection is critical to the success of every organization, yet traditional backup solutions can be slow and difficult to manage. Faction provides the essential resource pooling, elasticity, and network access for a cloud-based alternative to offsite data storage.

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Gain Anytime, Anywhere Access.

Backup from any of our cloud node locations. Your data is available across the network for easy recovery and continuity.

Reduce IT Costs.

Eliminate upfront capital expenditures and pay only for the resources you use.

Improve Productivity.

Leave management to our cloud experts and free your IT staff to work on more strategic tasks.

Improve Flexibility.

Scale up or down as needed. Seven global cloud nodes put at least 500 miles between your production and DR sites.

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Use Cases

  • Hybrid cloud backup strategy: Put sensitive data in your own private cloud; use our public cloud option for lower cost backup of less critical systems and data.
  • Disaster recovery: Address a wide array of issues—from a single lost document, to a full-scale failure—with a backup solution that enables fast, easy recovery for continuous availability of your data.