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Become a Cloud Reseller

There's a Better Way To Sell Cloud. Join our Faction.

Faction® is your go-to cloud channel partner. In fact, channel is all we do. We are 100% channel-driven. So, we’re not bragging when we say that we understand how to navigate through complex end-user channel deals, serve as an extension of your team, provide competitive pricing models, and deliver superior service management involving multiple players – without competing. Actually helping alongside you! Cool right?  Sell our Cloud Storage and our Cloud Compute bundled in flexible, easy to sell Cloud Bloc increments today.



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Faction’s Never Ever, No Compete Promise

At Faction we never ever compete with cloud Channel Partners. Instead, we work hand-in-hand to support you with the services and expertise that result in value for customers. If you don’t make money, we don’t make money.

We want you to recognize revenue fast. Faction provides the training, collateral, marketing and sales tools to sell right now - not months from now.

Join The Faction. Become a Reseller Today.

Commitment Issues?

With Faction, we don’t lock you or your infrastructure into anything.

You want to change a technology vendor or hypervisor tomorrow? Go right ahead. You want to customize your cloud environment specifically for you? Be our guest. With Faction you are always free to choose the vendors, technologies, and customization options that work best for your environment.

Picky? Exacting?

FACTION celebrates ‘control freaks’ everywhere by offering the highest degree of control and access into your infrastructure. It’s as though you were Supreme Commander and Chief – with access to the deepest layers of your infrastructure – and able to execute changes with the wave of a hand. Your management console is completely dedicated. It’s not shared with anyone but you.


You’ll also have dedicated, physical, storage, network and compute –to be used as you wish– all seamlessly accessed by our plug-and-play Layer 2 Direct Connect network which allows you to bring your network ‘as-is’ without investing in time-consuming redesigns of your IP schemas, vLANS, VPNS, and router, firewall topologies.

Looking to Buy Cloud?

We're here to help! 

Interested in a cloud assessment?

Figuring out which direction to go when moving to cloud can be a headache. Faction experts will assess your existing IT environment, giving you all the information you need to design the perfect cloud. If you get that cloud from Faction, we'll apply our consulting fees to your service fees! Contact us to start your assessment today, or to request a sample assessment to see how we can help you figure out your next step.