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Our Partners

Channel partners leverage Faction's, high-performing IaaS cloud at cost-effective price points by layering profitable cloud-enabled services atop Faction’s infrastructure and selling those services to end-users.

Faction not only enables Service Providers with training, marketing, lead generation and ongoing sales support, but also works closely with its key technology partners, NetApp, Cisco, Brocade, VMware, and AMAX, to further enable joint presence and opportunities in the markets served.

Looking to Buy Cloud?

We're here to help! 

Interested in a cloud assessment?

Figuring out which direction to go when moving to cloud can be a headache. Faction experts will assess your existing IT environment, giving you all the information you need to design the perfect cloud. If you get that cloud from Faction, we'll apply our consulting fees to your service fees! Contact us to start your assessment today, or to request a sample assessment to see how we can help you figure out your next step.