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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in the Cloud

In today’s always-on world, employees work from anywhere and everywhere at all times of the day and night, using a variety of devices. With Faction’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offerings, end users can access data and applications no matter where they are and regardless of what device they are using.

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Facilitate IT Governance.

Set and enforce organizational standards, align desktop computing with overall business objectives, and simplify software licensing compliance with our centralized control.

Improve Mobility.

Access your desktop anytime, anywhere, on any device with our low-latency cloud node connections that span six geographies worldwide.

Improve Security.

Ensure your desktop environment is secure by hosting it in on dedicated platform in our redundant, resilient, and compliant enterprise-class data centers.

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Use Cases

  • Meet Green Initiatives. Replace PCs with thin clients or zero clients and eliminate network infrastructure at remote offices to significantly reduce power consumption.
  • Disaster Recovery and Regulatory Compliance: Enable continuous access to end-users’ desktops, and help achieve HIPAA and other regulatory compliance.
  • Corporate Expansion and Remote Office Computing: Quickly plug into the parent information system simply by accessing the corporate virtual desktop.
  • Converged Desktop: Utilize one converged device as the virtual desktop, phone, and video.

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