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Infrastructure Developer


Infrastructure Developer - Denver, CO

Hundreds of petabytes of storage; hundreds of terabytes of RAM; hundreds of gigabits of network connectivity. Do you have what it takes to automate and orchestrate the control plane for it?

Faction, Inc. is a leader in deploying cloud infrastructure at scale. We are a profitable, venture-backed, rapidly-growing provider of private, hybrid-, and multi-cloud infrastructure. We design and deploy compute, storage, networking, and services for customers who need infrastructure at significant scale, driving those economies of scale to benefit our service provider and enterprise customers.

We are seeking a T-shaped infrastructure automation developer who can help us significantly advance our capabilities by using code to automate the configuration and delivery of our infrastructure and services.

Job Summary

  • Automate the delivery of compute, storage, and network services by consuming APIs (especially REST APIs) to deliver orchestration
  • Implement a tightly-scoped CMDB (defined by an existent OpenAPI/Swagger spec, domain model, and PRD) with a RESTful API for internal consumption
  • Build a framework for API services internally to enable the rapid development and deployment of new capabilities - enabling a mapping from API specification to generated code and backend DB (preferably in a DB-agnostic way)
  • Develop code to interact with various hardware platforms; Compute, Network, and Storage systems such as VMware APIs, Brocade Network OS, NetApp APIs
  • Write “glue” code to enable smooth interaction between tools like PXE boot, Ansible/Salt/Puppet, IPMI, Vendor APIs, BASH or Powershell scripts
  • Help maintain and extend use of CI/CD tools such as Jenkins and the creation and maintenance of unit tests for functionality
  • Participate in extending our intellectual property in the hybrid cloud space by contributing to innovation captured in our growing body of patents


Desired Qualifications

  • Enjoys rapidly mastering new technologies
  • Drives for consensus on solution acceptance criteria with stakeholders and is self-motivated to push the entire team towards an excellent technical outcome
  • Comfortable being part of a high-performance team working hard to overcome big challenges on tight timelines while maintaining work-life balance
  • Enjoys a high-communication environment 
  • Experience developing devops or infrastructure code, probably using Python or Ruby
  • Experience using relational and/or NoSQL databases
  • Experience with RESTful APIs; consumption and production, including schema generation from models, or code generation from API specifications or models
  • Experience with system, network, and/or storage engineering and/or domain knowledge with system, network, and storage
  • Experience with virtualization and/or cloud technologies, especially at the API layer (e.g., vSphere, vCloud, OpenStack, AWS, Azure)
  • Bias toward engineering “hardened” code that strongly checks assertions and fails loudly and gracefully if it must fail
  • Experience with developing for operations; Puppet/Salt/Chef/Ansible/Shell/Powershell
  • Experience with a version control system, preferably Git
  • BS in Computer Science, Engineering, Math, or a related field or equivalent experience



Qualified candidates should send their resumes to for consideration.


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