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Private Cloud

Privatize your Faction Cloud Footprint

Private cloud hosting with dedicated VMware vCenter access puts you firmly in control of cloud management, from high level customization and resource allocation all the way down to the nitty gritty details. Control freaks are welcome here!



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Take Control

Faction’s Privatized Cloud is a dedicated cloud solution backed by a 100% SLA guarantee. We dedicate compute, storage and network resources to every customer with the ability to grow in distinct small increments of compute, storage, IO and Bandwidth like a Public cloud. Though our private clouds are Ideal for high performance, persistent workloads in multi-cloud scenerios.Private Cloud features:

Redundant Dedicated Compute, Storage & Network Resources

  • Choose from Cisco UCS or Open Stack
  • NetApp FAS8000 Series Storage with multi-petabyte capabilities
  • Redundant 10 Gb+ dedicated network ensures dramatic intra-cloud performance

Faction Internetwork Exchange (FIX)

  • Plug-in your network as-is and bring your own subnets, vLAN topology, router, firewall, and VPN architectures
  • Seamlessly interconnect all private, public, and on-premise cloud resources
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud solutions enabling all the promise of cloud computing

Deep Control

  • Dedicated VMware vCenter access ensures deep access and broad customization capabilities within private cloud solutions
  • Agnostic cloud platform allows customers to leverage technology vendors of choice atop the Faction Cloud


Lower capital and operational costs by leveraging our infrastructure and expertise. You’ll reduce costly hardware refreshes and free your staff to focus on your core business.


Automated resource management simplifies administrative tasks while enabling you to manage all VMs in your environment. You can manage huge data sets with ease and create customer-facing systems quickly.


Instantly provision storage and scale resources up or down as needed with real-time access to additional network, storage, and computing resources. You can use the same IP schema on our cloud as you do on premise.

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Use Cases

  • Hybrid cloud environments: Enable portability between on-premise, co-located and cloud environments
  • Multi-Cloud: Supports SaaS, PaaS, and Multiple IaaS clouds all connected through the FIX creating a single resource pool for the most demanding and creative cloud solutions.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service: Failover to the cloud for a cost-effective, efficient disaster prevention mechanism
  • Virtual Desktop in the Cloud: Enables VDI services in the cloud to capture one of the most profitable services in the marketplace
  • Backup to the Cloud: An ideal entry-point into the cloud for backup protection and archiving

Why Faction

  • Cloud nodes spanning eight geographies worldwide reduce latency of critical applications
  • 24 x 7 customer support and 100% availability SLAs
  • First-of-their-kind software defined hybrid and multi-cloud deployments
  • Dedicated network connection from your premise to our cloud enables improved security
  • Aggregated performance that only an infrastructure of our magnitude can provide, without capital expense

What is Faction

What is Faction

Case Study

Retail & Ecommerce

Faction’s Cloud Drives Dramatic Results for National Buyer’s Club, DirectBuy

DirectBuy receives cutting edge private cloud services on Factions cloud infrastructure, white-labeled by partner Komodo Cloud.

Download Direct Buy Case Study

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