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Faction Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service

Faction's Disaster Recovery as a Service is a fully managed service that continuously replicates your Faction Cloud or on-premises environment into one of eight Faction cloud nodes. This service includes all setup, hardware and software, bi-annual disaster recovery testing, and 24x7 support. In the event of an issue with your primary site, our team can execute your recovery plan with you, to ensure your applications are back online according to the pre-defined joint-runbook. Our DRaaS offering is priced simply - by TB of storage for the protected workload and per VM. There are no other charges. In the unfortunate event you do need to declare a disaster, 30 days of usage of the DR environment are included at no charge.


Full Visibility into Your Replication Process

Our DRaaS offering includes a portal to see the status of your replication. The Faction NOC monitors your RPO and RTO 24x7 to ensure that if anything involved in the hardware, software, or network stack is experiencing an issue it will be immediately remedied.

Compatible With All Faction Networking

Faction can handle your replication data via any carrier circuit, Faction inter-site VPLS, or over the Internet using your existing Internet connection. Replication traffic is fully encrypted.


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Powerful Storage Platform Means Reduced RTO

Faction's SSD-enhanced storage platform on NetApp hardware means that our DRaaS service remains economical but can deliver blistering performance when activating a production workload.

Why Faction

The scale of our private cloud platform, with customers that have over 30TB of RAM and over 60PB of storage from Faction, means you benefit from our economies of scale.