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Professional Services

We are proud to partner with our customers to help deliver great business outcomes. Let us help with meeting your cloud objectives - whether you need public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud, we can help assess, design, build, and operate your ideal cloud.

We specialize in data-intensive and network-intensive cloud use cases. Faction has flexible engagement options, to ensure we work within the time and budget for your unique needs. We also offer flexible staff augmentation where you can tap into our experts on an ongoing basis. Every Faction Professional Services engagement involves a project manager responsible for coordination, status, and timely and successful completion of the work.


Focus Areas

Faction has assisted a wide variety of clients with diverse cloud projects. Here are some of our focus areas where we often assist organizations:


Cloud Strategy
Faction can help you assess your business objectives, interview your stakeholders and help align their vision, and formulate a strategy for how to handle both your existing applications and your future plans.

Cloud Assessment
Faction can help you assess your infrastructure requirements. We can pinpoint your network, storage, and compute requirements. We can assess the impact of latency and data gravity on your application architecture, and help you design a scalable “waste-free” cloud environment from the best building blocks of private and public cloud, allowing you to achieve the lowest TCO on your investments.

Cloud Migration
If you're moving to the cloud and need help with migration, Faction is here to help. Whether your target is hosted private cloud, public cloud, or a hybrid mix, we can help plan the networking, the migration, and the cutover to eliminate downtime and guarantee success in your cloud transformation.



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Establish Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans

Faction can help assess your current backup and disaster recovery posture, and design, implement, and support a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan. Faction Managed Services can run it, and we can build a runbook to complement Faction services to ensure your environment is tested and recoverable.

Cloud Security Assessment

We can assess your risks and help design and implement improvements to your security posture to lower your risk and improve your security posture, or help you meet compliance requirements. We can integrate Faction tools like whole-disk encryption, private encrypted networks, multi-factor authenticated VPN, and so on in order to help keep your data and customers safe.


It's not enough to have the right infrastructure if your organization isn't ready to use it. Get training and consultation on cloud best practices, and get your organization up to speed on DevOps practices. Our experts can help integrate DevOps tools and practices into your organization.