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Managed Remote Access & VPN

Faction Managed Remote Access and Managed VPN services blend several network services to ensure fast, secure access to your cloud environments. Cloud networking can be tricky - we know, we have patents on it. But with Faction's national backbone, metro dark fiber, and high-speed cross-cloud networking, you can rest assured we've got you covered. Faction experts are on hand 24x7 to help ensure an optimal experience and monitor your access and connectivity.



Managed Remote Circuit

Faction can work with you to price and procure remote access circuits from your remote location. We can tie your circuit into our backbone at multiple locations, optimizing the price and path to get you on-net in the best possible way. Faction will monitor Managed Remote Circuits and work with upstream providers to restore service if an issue arises.

Managed Connectivity via Faction Internetwork eXchange

The Faction FIX fabric ties together remote circuits, VPNs, Faction Clouds, metro colocation providers, and public cloud providers. This unique offering provides “any to any” connectivity to help all the parts of your hybrid or cross-cloud environment work well together. 

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Managed VPN

Faction provides a Managed VPN service. With both site-to-site VPNs based on IPsec technology and client-to-site SSLVPNs available for end users to gain secure access, we solve for getting your end users where they need to be on the network. End user operating system support includes Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Two-factor authentication ensures security. Access to VPN Endpoints are logged to ensure a clean audit trail. Faction monitors the status of your IPsec VPN tunnels 24x7 and we will proactively troubleshoot and notify you if we see a problem.