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Managed VMware Cloud on AWS

Faction was one of the first two service providers in the world to have access to the VMware Cloud on AWS offering. As one of VMware's top service providers in the United States, we've been working since day 1 to test, evaluate, and build offerings around the VMware Cloud on AWS service.

Our professional services team can provide a VMware Cloud on AWS assessment to evaluate your existing workloads, and determine the business and technology feasibility of a migration to VMware Cloud on AWS. This team can also help with the migration to VMware Cloud on AWS.





Monitor & Support.

We monitor your VMware Cloud on AWS environment 24x7, proactively responding to changes in the health of your software-defined datacenter (SDDC).


We help to manage the linkage between your VMware Cloud on AWS environment and your AWS VPCs. We will consult and adjust based on your business requirements for things like:

  • Build a cluster across AWS availability zones
  • Enabling SDDC autoscaling
  • Helping to design your consumption and overcommitment strategy for this specialized hardware platform.
  • Managing the settings such as DRS cluster autoscaling -  a feature unique to VMware Cloud on AWS

Managed Cloud.

We can manage your VMware Cloud on AWS service and native AWS environments and handle hardening, patching, and monitoring all instances across both environments. Our Managed Cloud services extend into the VMware Cloud on AWS environment, and our Managed Remote Access and Managed VPN services were designed with VMware Cloud on AWS in mind, and include our unique ability to deliver burstable AWS direct connect circuits.

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Cross Cloud Storage. 

Faction helps enable VMware Cloud on AWS use cases with our Cloud Control Volumes. Because VMware Cloud on AWS is currently based entirely on vSAN storage based on in-node NVMe drives, performance for primary storage is blisteringly fast, but scaling storage capacity requires adding CPU, Memory, and Storage resources to the host cluster. We design, build and operate cloud-adjacent storage to augment the storage in your VMware Cloud on AWS environment without having to add compute — which is ideal for backup, archive, data lake, and fileserver-type use cases.

Faction Internetwork Exchange.  

Our unique network capabilities also augment the VMware service. We offer Direct Connect connectivity, of course, but we integrate that with VPN, MPLS, VPLS, EPL, EVPL, and other circuit types to ease your remote access challenges. In addition, for customers with existing connectivity touching one of our 50+ supported datacenters on-net with Faction, we can provide dramatically more performant and cost-effective connectivity than traditional providers.