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Agility as Competitive Advantage.


DevOps is more of a philosophy than purely a set of technologies. The real heart of DevOps is collaboration, communication, and the movement towards automated or interconnected processes over manual or bespoke.

It certainly includes many traditional software and operations goals: continuous integration/continuous deployment, automated deployment and scaling, infrastructure-as-code, ChatOps, security & compliance goals, and more. But these are all objectives on the road to making an organization more agile. Get more done, in less time, with more confidence in correctness and more graceful handling of exceptions.


Integrating DevOps with your business objectives. 

Faction's DevOps helps your stakeholders across four major swimlanes integrate their viewpoints in a unified strategic and tactical approach:

  • Development: Software Engineering, Application Analysts, Project Managers, Product Owners
  • Infrastructure and Operations: System, Network, Storage, Virtualization, Database, and Cloud Administrators
  • Information Security: Compliance, Audit, Incident Response, Operations
  • Business: Finance, Business Process Analytics, HR

You may not have thought about how your DevOps strategy and execution will lead to higher employee satisfaction and lower turnover — but we have.

Faction's Four Pillars differ quite a bit, as we find most of the “pillars of DevOps” strategies really only embrace the “Infrastructure as Code” concept. And while we agree that is a critical and desirable part of a DevOps outcome, we find it falls short of maximizing the true impact on the organization.

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Assessment, Training, Design, Development, Optimization. 

  • Assessment — we assess infrastructure, software, security, and business stakeholder requirements and postures to evaluate what realistic near, medium, and long term goals and the associated costs - a DevOps transformation can yield.
  • Training — we can train your organization on tools, best practices, and the culture and attitude required to make the most of a DevOps initiative.
  • Design and Deployment — we can architect and deploy a suite of tools to empower your organization with greater agility. From Ansible to Jenkins, from Slack to Logstash, we help ensure your tools fit your organizational and technology goals, and then we get things running smoothly.
  • Optimization — we help organizations review their existing practices and tune them. We can be the fresh eyes on your existing initiatives, whether you're reviewing so you can scale up, improve results, or in support of a new initiative.



We got interested in DevOps because of the “Infrastructure as Code” philosophy, and, after all, Infrastructure is what we do; it's in our blood. In the course of working with you, we can also help optimize your IT practices. By organizing and optimizing infrastructure, we often save clients significant amounts on their infrastructure expenses by eliminating wasted resources. It is possible to get a sub-12-month ROI on a DevOps investment, while also improving agility, security, and employee satisfaction!