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NetApp Private Storage-as-a-Service

NetApp Private Storage-as-a-Service (NPSaaS) is an answer to data agility and control considerations for NetApp storage customers. NetApp's “Data Fabric” vision is realized through Faction's Cloud Control Storage platform, which enables cross-cloud storage for users of public clouds, major datacenters, and Faction private cloud.


Use Cases


Data Migration.

Many organizations find that migrating data for cloud transformation projects is as hard or harder than migrating their applications. NPSaaS fueled by Faction solves this problem with several capabilities:

  • Easy data synchronization via SnapMirror: NPSaaS is Internet-accessible, and supports almost every type of private networking, and allows you to sync data from an on-premises NetApp array (OnTAP 8+ required) to your NPSaaS storage footprint. Which we can then make accessible inside of public and private clouds as well as colocation facilities such as CoreSite, Equinix, and Digital Realty.
  • Easy data format accessibility via NFS: NetApp customers are used to NetApp's easy multi-protocol support, especially NFS, which allows high-performance access to data from multiple systems simultaneously. Some organizations looking for cost-effective storage have applications which don't lend themselves to an easy conversion to object-storage to work well within public clouds or have performance requirements that object storage has a hard time meeting. NetApp Private Storage as a Service Fueled by Faction works just like your on-premises array: You give your instances in AWS, Azure, Google, or your servers in colocation the IP address of your NFS mount point, and they access it seamlessly over a private, secure network.

Big Data.

Organizations are trying to modernize or adopt their big data practices. This often includes having vast sums of data, both existing and accumulating, and a desire to process that data with purely on-demand compute.

The NPSaaS solution allows you to establish a cloud-adjacent data lake that can handle the growth and persistence of your data, paying only for what you need, but without the need to convert your data into and out of object storage. You can simplify your data lake design as you eliminate the need to map your data sources into a fixed object-storage format and all the performance and orchestration questions that raises. Instead, simple, cost-effective per-TB pricing can not only save money over public cloud object, but it can also remove the need to pipeline data in and out of object, with the attendant reformatting.

This solution, along with being the fastest, easiest route to ramping up your big data analytics in the cloud, avoids vendor lock-in by being inherently multi-cloud. And if you need to transfer data to a partner or pull it back out for whatever reason, the fact that there are no egress charges out of NPSaaS avoids giant, surprise bills.

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Multi-Site Deployments.

Migrations between clouds - or between regions for some cloud providers - can pose a problem, especially when using a cloud that lacks a national backbone. NPSaaS is offered in all the major cloud markets - including Santa Clara, Northern Virginia, Portland, and Chicago — which align with the closest network access points for each of the 4 AWS Regions in the US — and NPSaaS includes the ability to easily synchronize data between regions.


Three Powerful Tiers.

NPSaaS Fueled by Faction includes Three Powerful Tiers which allows us to solve almost any data challenge:


The ultimate storage for a data lake. A better value than public cloud object/data lake storage, accessible over simple NFS, petabyte-scale, cross-cloud enabled, and yet still capable of a blistering 20Gbp/s on a 1PB footprint for throughput-optimized workloads. Ready to use with Hadoop and Spark, without all the pain of having to marshal data in and out of object/data lake storage.


NetApp-based cross-cloud storage. The power of SnapMirror and the durability of true enterprise storage. Ready to become part of your Data Fabric.


Blazing fast all-flash storage. Capable of up to over 7,500 IOPs per TB and 20Gbp/s or more for 100TB footprints. Perfect for the most demanding analytics, and cross-cloud by default. Based on NetApp all-flash, this is the ultimate in multi-cloud enabled flash storage, on-demand.