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At Faction, our configurable storage platform delivers exactly the capacity and performance you need. You won't have to over pay for performance you don't currently need, or buy additional storage just to get more performance. With Faction, you always have the flexibility to adjust what you need and when you need it.

  • Our primary cloud storage can be configured with up to 35,000 IOPs per TB, delivering a blisteringly fast all-flash experience other clouds can't touch.
  • Our archive storage is the best value in the business, and with over 60Petabytes under management, Faction can deliver storage cost effectively on-demand.
  • Our storage is powered by NetApp. Faction is a leader in cloud storage, and Faction powers the NetApp Private Storage as a Service offering.
  • Our experience and industry leadership helps us deliver the best storage experience, with a 100% SLA.



Production Apps: The Power of Composable Storage.

The Faction Cloud storage platform allows you to purchase capacity and performance separately. Instead of trying to shoehorn your workloads into one-size-fits-all storage tiers like many providers have, at Faction, you can select preceisely the performance your applications need, and if those needs change, you can add additional performance without adjusting capacity, and vice versa.

Storage Capacity.

Capacity in Faction Cloud Storage, sold per TB of capacity. This is enterprise-grade with rock-solid 99.9999%+ durability.

Storage Performance.

Performance in Faction Cloud Storage, sold per 500 IOPs. Faction storage is all flash-enabled, with an ability to scale workloads directly into an all-flash tier. This ensures our storage platform can always deliver consistent performance. Faction Cloud Storage can handle over 35,000 IOPs per TB.

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Backups and Big Data: Archive Storage.

Faction's Archive Storage is designed for throughput-optimized workloads such as backups and data lakes. It is exposed as simple NFS file-based storage (or VMware datastores), so it is broadly compatible with almost every use case. 

Customers with footprints over 60 Petabytes count on Faction archive storage to deliver a better value than other options, such as public cloud object storage. Since Faction never charges for egress or access, we also help customers gain predictability in their storage costs.

Cross-Cloud Storage: Faction Cloud Control Volumes.

Faction's unique hybrid and multi-cloud networking experience allowed us to expose our storage platforms across multiple clouds. Faction Cloud Control Volumes act as centralized storage pools accessible over private, secure connections. Imagine a single storage pool you can access simultaneously from racks of servers inside Coresite or Equinix, while simultaneously reading and writing that same storage from inside of AWS, Azure, and Google Compute — that's Faction Cloud Control Volumes! Learn More.