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Temporary Migration Swing Space

Transition from 7-mode to cDOT safely and simply

Migrate your data with ease using Faction's temporary Transition Swing Space Hardware and Services. Combine Faction cloud resources with SnapMirror target volumes and licenses to upgrade from NetApp native 7-Mode to clustered DataONTAP safely with minimal disruption.  Your data is safe with us.    Watch our Swing Space Video to learn more.

For a limited time, enjoy Faction's 3-month Transition Swing Space service for up to one year at no additional charge. That's 12 month's for the price of 3!  

Remove Adoption Barriers

Faction provides a temporary and seamless cloud-based migration path that leverages existing SnapMirror licenses. Migrate without worry to cDOT.

Scale on Faction’s Back

Leverage Faction’s extensive NetApp expertise. Faction cloud storage is 100% NetApp based – we have the experience, scale and broad customization capabilities.

Enjoy Minimal Disruption

Temporary swing gear in the Faction Cloud makes your cDOT upgrade pain-free and worry-free.

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Your three-month transition period from 7mode to cDOT transition includes:

  • Assessment and migration services using cloud-based SnapMirror
  • Data replication
  • Transition Professional Services
    • Swing Space Hardware