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Virtual Desktops

Faction’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions are highly performant, customized implementations running on the Faction Cloud. With Faction, you can minimize the management overhead of supporting disparate desktop images, simplify OS management, secure your data, and troubleshoot problems faster. Eliminate upfront capital expenditures and pay only for the resources you need. Remain in control of your cloud environment with Administrator-level VMware vCenter access. Deploy your Virtual Desktops and Applications with your preferred software, Microsoft RDS®, Citrix®, or VMware Horizon®.



Architect for Performance.

Build your environment to your ideal spec to tolerate boot storms, deliver productivity and provide rock solid end-user experience by tuning CPU, Memory, Storage, IOPS, and Network to your specific deployment.

Control the Cost.

Predictable billing with a transparent cost structure with no unexpected usage fees.

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Integrate Existing Tools.

Utilize the tools and technology you have already invested in, while taking advantage of our managed infrastructure.

Scale at Will.

We give you the ability to add resources separately and scale each resource based on needs.