Faction Internetwork eXchange (FIX)

Faction Internetwork Exchange (FIX) is your centralized hub for interconnecting services and providers. It’s a virtual interconnection service between Faction Cloud customers and tens of thousands enterprises and providers located within any of our data centers nationwide. Extend your service to a co-located enterprise, or integrate the extended features of a provider directly to your Faction Cloud environment via secure Layer 2 dedicated virtual connections at either 1gb or 10gb—with un-metered, extremely low latency bandwidth. Best of all, there are no ingress or egress fees.

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     Private Pathways

  • Faction is the ONLY cloud that offers dedicated private network pathways, via Layer 2, into its cloud, riding on your existing carrier
  • With a layer 2 network design, all your data rides on one dedicated private global network no matter its origination point – from data center to cloud; from on-premise to cloud; or even from one cloud to another cloud

Come as You Are

  • Faction customers bring their network ‘as-is’ without time consuming re-designs of everything (vLANS, subnets, or router, firewall and VPN topologies)!
  • Using our Layer 2 switching, versus Layer 3, Direct Connect results in huge time savings for speedy, simple interconnection of your public, private and on premise resources
  • Connect Multiple vendors clouds together using one single layer 2 schema and Mesh creating a Multi-Cloud