Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions (Bloc+Fix)

When you combine Faction Cloud Bloc with Faction Internetwork Exchange (FIX) you create a true Hybrid and Multi-Cloud solution. 

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     Extend XaaS Footprint

  • Distribute your XaaS to customers located in any hyperscale cloud or community. 
  • With a layer 2 network design, all your data rides on one dedicated private global network no matter its origination point – from data center to cloud; from on-premise to cloud; or even from one cloud to another cloud

Data stored in Faction’s Cloud becomes your source of truth

  • Faction services ‘stitch’ PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS together from multiple competitors and partners
  • True cloud portability becomes a reality with Faction cloud service enabling value for our customers today and for the foreseeable future
  • Build networks and apps among countless cloud & service providers 

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Figuring out which direction to go when moving to cloud can be a headache. Faction experts will assess your existing IT environment, giving you all the information you need to design the perfect cloud. If you get that cloud from Faction, we'll apply our consulting fees to your service fees! Contact us to start your assessment today, or to request a sample assessment to see how we can help you figure out your next step.