Faction Multi-Cloud Data Services for Dell PowerScale Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

November 3, 2021

Leverage the best cloud innovations and maximize the value of your data


There is no doubt that enterprises value multi-cloud adoption, with nearly 92% having a multi-cloud strategy.1 The cloud business is one of the fastest-growing segments in the technology sector. According to IDC, it is expected to reach $1.3 trillion in 2025, up from $706.6 billion in 2021. Shared and dedicated Cloud as-a-Service will account for 64.1% of spending in 2025.2 


Multi-cloud challenges

The adoption of multi-cloud delivers significant business benefits but also introduces a variety of challenges, including:

  • Higher costs. Companies are often surprised by the actual costs of operating in the cloud, contrary to many expectations. Cloud egress charges and support demands force companies to spend about 65% of IT resources on running operations instead of business growth initiatives. Optimizing cloud costs has been the top initiative for 61% of businesses five years in a row.3 
  • Siloed data. Scattered data complicates cloud management and hinders data analytics. Unfortunately, 49% of enterprises silo workloads by the cloud and only 45% integrate data between the cloud and other deployments.4
  • Complex management. Without the right tools, managing multi-cloud resources gets complicated fairly quickly. While 84% of enterprises stress the importance of consistent management across hybrid and multi-cloud,5 only 42% of companies use multi-cloud management tools.6
  • Security and compliance concerns. Protection of the most digital asset, data remains the top priority for companies. 98% of them feel that relying on multiple cloud providers compounds security challenges.7

Multi-cloud data services to the rescue

Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Faction Multi-cloud Data Services for Dell EMC PowerScale enable customers to realize the potential of multi-cloud business benefits:

  • Unified data set that tears down data silos and makes all information simultaneously accessible by all major CSPs.
  • Efficient and straightforward centralized data management that lowers IT overhead and offers better visibility of the complete IT footprint. The faction solutions are available as a self-service SaaS offering from Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
  • Nearly 89% reduction in storage costs by using a single unified data set instead of multiple duplicates in multiple clouds.8
  • Lower cloud computing costs, including 59% lower costs of GPU-based compute instances. The savings multiply when you consider the absence of cloud egress fees compared to the unpredictable charges from other CSPs.9
  • Flexibility and scale that can accommodate one million Nvidia CUDA cores used simultaneously across several public clouds.10
  • Low latency and high performance that delivers up to 160 Gb/sec aggregate throughput for processing a 70TB data set.11
  • Gain efficient data analytics that provides actionable business insight available to apps on various clouds simultaneously.

Learn more about Faction multi-cloud data services and how Faction and Dell EMC solve big data challenges. Also, look at the Faction Multi-Cloud data Serviced for Dell EMC PowerScale on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.



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