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VMware Cloud on AWS Monthly Digest – January 2019 | Newsletter

By Laura Lapaz | January 31, 2019

VMware Cloud on AWS Digest | News & Highlights | January 2019 Subscribe to the digest today!   Join the Webinar: Navigating Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery with VMware Cloud on AWS Join speakers, Matt Wallace, CTO at Faction, and Brent M. Piatti, Global Strategist at DELL EMC and host of The Hot Aisle podcast, as they…

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Private cloud adoption in healthcare increases

Cloud service providers increasingly offer the solutions that organizations in the healthcare sector need to improve operations efficiency and data interoperability. Healthcare firms are subject to government policies and industry-wide standards, a condition, along with security worries about any possible compromise to confidential patient records, that traditionally results in slow...

IT influencing move to enterprise IaaS cloud adoption

Enterprise cloud adoption continues to be viewed by some organizations as an imperfect science. Companies must be adequately prepared for cloud integration, and it's interesting to observe which departments are leading the charge. Much has been made of the fact that adoption is as much about cloud convincing as it...

A 4-step process to hosted enterprise cloud optimization

Despite the general trend toward enterprise cloud adoption, many organizations still hold reservations about migrating critical business operations to the cloud. It's not hard to sympathize with these business leaders - after all, the 'if it ain't broke' mentality has likely served to benefit many of their organizations in the...

How enterprise clouds help developing nations

As technology becomes more consumerized and democratic, seeing adoption by more users in developing nations thanks to the growing prevalence of mobile devices, internet access and analytics, among other innovations, enterprise-class cloud computing is one of the chief means through which businesses become more viable in local industries and world...

Why banks choose private cloud service providers over public options

Although a public cloud service provider can offer banks and other financial firms scalability and flexibility benefits, enterprise-class cloud computing is a better option for these institutions since public hosted solutions are not equipped to handle the computing needs of a highly regulated industry like banking, according to Patrick Maes,...

Rising security concerns highlight benefits of enterprise-class cloud computing

Although more companies than ever before think their IT systems and networks are secure, lingering enterprise doubts illustrate the true value of enterprise-class cloud computing.Of the more than 1,000 people polled in InformationWeek's 2013 Strategic Security Survey, 38 percent said managing complex security implementation was their top cybersecurity concern, down...

How to have the best enterprise cloud-based DR program

As the variety and volume of cyberattacks increases, companies should leverage the enterprise cloud to protect mission-critical data.According to a recent report from market research firm Frost & Sullivan, companies are more frequently purchasing and utilizing top-of-the-line intrusion prevention systems to protect critical IT assets from the multitude of threats....