At Faction, if there’s one thing we just can’t get behind, it’s settling for less. So we wouldn’t expect our channel partners to compromise one iota either. Faction is the only IaaS solution that doesn’t ask you or your customers to compromise. Not one bit. As a NEVER, EVER COMPETE sales partner, you’re an integral part of the Faction Fold. If you don’t make money, we don’t make money. It’s that simple. Faction works as an extension of your sales and marketing team, allowing YOU to own your customer relationships and contracts, while dictating pricing and profit margins. All of this goes on while scaling on Faction’s back, at your own pace, with $0 capital expenditure and low risk entry into new marketplaces.

Who Wants To Wait? We know waiting feels a whole lot like compromise – and you know what we think about that. We want you to recognize revenue fast. Faction provides the training, collateral, marketing and sales tools to sell right now – not weeks, months, or years from now.

If you’re white-labeling your own Cloud, you’ll leverage and maximize profits on services enabled by Cloud, like disaster recovery, VDI, app/dB management, storage, backup, and security – even faster still. And if you’re interested in outsourcing development and management to Faction, then that just means minimal product development cycles and even faster revenue realization.

Faction is your go-to channel partner. In fact, channel is pretty much all we do, so we’re not bragging when we say that we understand how to navigate through complex end-user channel deals, serve as an extension of your team, provide competitive compensation models, and deliver superior service management involving multiple players. No competing here, we actually are helping alongside you! Cool, right? Like we said before – if you don’t make money, then neither does Faction.

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