Faction unifies a community of highly progressive and exacting IT Users and Resellers around the central, revolutionary cause of providing access to cloud IaaS that’s so complete, it’s what you’d build yourself if you could. Faction provides full control to the people using their technology as well as to those who are selling it.

With Faction, you get the highest degree of control and access into your infrastructure offered by any cloud. It’s as though you were Supreme Commander in Chief – sitting inside your own private cockpit – with access to the deepest layers of your infrastructure; able to execute changes with the wave of a hand. Your virtualization management portal is completely dedicated, so it’s not aggregated or shared with anyone but you.

With Faction, you’ll also have dedicated, physical, storage, network and compute for your private cloud –architected for high availability– and all seamlessly interconnected with our proprietary, patented Layer 2 network interconnections to our eight cloud locations. It really is all you, Baby!

While traditional cloud providers espouse their ability to reduce costs and provide scale, it has always come at the expense of relinquishing some of the tight controls any self-respecting IT team would normally insist on. You might justify that as the price of staying competitive, or console yourself with the gains of newfound access, or, you could call it what it really is – compromise.  And compromise just plain stinks.

When you join the Faction fold, you take back the keys to your kingdom. No compromises. No exceptions. Plus, everything that got you excited about cloud IaaS in the first place: performance, reliability, scalability and deep access, is still all there.

Rein as supreme commander and chief of your cloud, and insist on Extreme Customized Performance.