Reselling cloud services has been a tricky market over the past few years, as many have been uncertain about buying in this way. However, according to a new CompTIA study printed by Network World, all of the vendors they reported as part of its member survey said they offer the enterprise cloud as a service. This is quite the upward shift, as four years ago only four in 10 said they were involved in these services, and 85 percent were offering the cloud in 2012. With the cloud maturing, Network World's Brandon Butler said it is clear that this will become a dominant consumption model.

Carolyn April, director of industry analysis at CompTIA, told Butler that there has been a shift in where companies believe their role in the market has been. While some vendors worried that the cloud would make it easier to sell directly to customers, value-added resellers have found their groove in the industry. This is a natural extension of what channel resellers have been doing in the past, as the four major categories are building services for customers, integrating the cloud, supplying management and being a consultant. Now, all of these pillars of reselling have been made easier by the flexible and expansive nature of cloud computing.

More organizations will use the cloud
It's no surprise the enterprise cloud and reselling has become so popular as of late, as Gartner reported that 80 percent of organizations said they plan on utilizing the cloud in some fashion in the next year. Fifty-five percent of those who plan on doing this are not currently using the cloud, so providers and resellers are likely planning for an upcoming increase in service demand.

"Given that the use of cloud services currently constitutes only a very small part of the vast enterprise IT market, strategic planners should not make the mistake of taking current cloud use cases to be predictors of future cloud use," said Gregor Petri, research director at Gartner. "Cloud computing is set to have a considerable impact on business in the future which is reflected in the survey finding that around 60 percent of organizations plan increased investment over the next two years to five years, while only 6 percent plan to decrease investments in cloud services."

There are still parts of the industry which will need to advance CompTIA found, as only 46 percent of the cloud reseller group said their products are mature. This may be a hindrance to some deployments, but will likely improve in the coming years.