Faction is determined from the start to revolutionize a smarter, uncompromised way for IT pros to reliably work in the cloud, FACTION is gaining rapid momentum and attracting impressive numbers of progressive, forward-thinking customers and channel partners nationwide – all undeterred in their shared pursuit of; Cloud IAAS so complete, it’s what you’d build yourself if you could.

While traditional cloud providers espouse their ability to reduce costs, and provide scale, it has always come at the expense of relinquishing some of the tight controls any self-respecting IT team would normally insist on. At Faction we take flexibility to a higher level.  Faction offers flexibility to choose the type of cloud and risk profile that works best for you, offering an environment containing tens of thousands of virtual machines and multiple petabytes for public, private, hybrid cloud and disaster recovery solutions.

Flexible product (Faction Cloud Bloc) is so fine-tunable that it can be customized down to the individual IOPS, RAM and CPU you need in every virtual machine.

Flexible Access/Control.  We’re so flexible we give customers dedicated VMware vCenters – (dedicated management portals).  VMware doesn’t even provide dedicated vCenters to its vCloud Air customers!  We’re incredibly flexible in granting control!

Flexible Platform.  We purposely stripped back the managed services on our IaaS platform to be as agnostic as possible.  This way you as the customer or provider can layer the managed services of your choice atop of cloud.  You choose the backup provider, security services, network, replication, etc etc tools that you want to use in conjunction with our cloud.

Pricing flexibility is the ability to pay for application usage over time, creating financial flexibility. No need to write the one-time, up-front, large check. Instead the costs are spread out over the life of the use of service.

In the cloud world, if business needs change, if new technology makes what you are using old and obsolete, or if the vendor’s promises were overstated, you have more flexibility to terminate the contract and go source a cloud service that better meets your needs. There will still be pain, but that switch is much more doable through vendor selection flexibility. Flexibility is a significant driver in the rapid adoption of cloud-based services. The more you know about those flexibility promises, the better you’ll be at looking for them as you evaluate solutions and vendors.