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February 2018


Cloud Migration Planning Technical White Paper from VMware

Once you get your keys to your new VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC, and you’ve configured and verified communications between it and your on-premises environment, you are now ready for the next step, Migrating Applications. Of course, there is a lot of preparation work that should be completed before starting a migration project –  read this white paper to learn about the best practices that should be followed when planning a migration to VMware Cloud on AWS.

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vMotion Virtual Machines from On-Prem to VMware Cloud on AWS with Ease

It’s no secret that one of the many benefits of using vSphere is vMotion, which provides the ability to migrate running workloads (with no downtime) from one physical host to another. This how-to blog post shares a step by step process to vMotion your VMs from on-prem to VMware Cloud on AWS.

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Every vSphere Admin Should Know These AWS Basics

Learn the basics that every vSphere admin should know before trying to run VMware on AWS. Even though VMware abstracts much of the complexity associated with AWS, it’s still in a vSphere admin’s best interest to get familiar with some AWS basics.

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Webinar: Translating VMware Cloud on AWS For Your Business

This webinar will look at the native features, discuss storage challenges and outline solutions to address scale, data protection, and storage persistence.

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