VMware Cloud on AWS Industry News & Highlights | April 2018

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VMware Cloud on AWS with Direct Connect: NSX Networking and vMotion in the Cloud

Learn how AWS Direct Connect can be leveraged with VMware Cloud on AWS to provide high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to a SDDC deployed in VMware Cloud on AWS.

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Calculate AWS Egress Fees Proactively for VMware Cloud on AWS

During the decision-making process for migrating workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS, you must consider the impact of AWS data egress fees. Thankfully, you can now quickly calculate AWS egress fees prior to migrating using a simple search string with Network Insight.

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The VMware Cloud on AWS Features Roadmap

If you’re as excited about VMware Cloud on AWS as we are, we highly recommend you check out the roadmap on VMware’s website which lays out all of the available, planned, developing and preview features and functionality. Which upcoming feature are you most excited for?

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VMware’s Journey to VMware Cloud on AWS – Part 2. The question is: to migrate, or not to migrate?

VMware’s Velchamy Sankarlingam, VP, Cloud Services Development & Operations highlights the journey on only migrating applications that benefit from running on VMC and not migrating workloads for the sake of migration.

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