Organizations utilize enterprise cloud services to increase power and boost flexibility of computing environments. On June 4, IaaS cloud services provider Faction announced a partnership with the Chicago Sun-Times for this reason. The news company now uses Faction’s cloud computing solutions to virtualize applications within a private cloud.

The popular newspaper’s problem was simple: It needed to enhance the computing power of its content management system while simultaneously reducing costs. The content management platform is an integral part of everyday work for the company, because it allows journalists and staff to access and post stories for both digital and print outlets. In conjunction with MNJ Technologies, Faction helped The Chicago Sun-Times by making it possible for the CMS to pull stories from WordPress so they are easily printable.

“The Chicago Sun-Times is dedicated to providing high-quality content to its readers in both print and online environments; the technology platform that Faction provides allows us to keep news relevant and timely,” said Tom Masilak, senior director of information technology for the Chicago Sun-Times.

Faction’s personalized cloud solution will streamline workloads and allow writers to access the content management platform from anywhere, meaning they can store research and submit stories more easily.

Benefits of cloud computing
Why should enterprises make the shift to cloud computing? Organizations like the Chicago Sun-Times stand to benefit from pushing workloads to a hosted private cloud for several important reasons. Cloud tools enable sharing and collaboration among multiple levels of a business. The news company’s CMS is a perfect example of this concept. Writers and artists need a platform to share their stories and thoughts, and now the cloud is making that possible by improving accessibility to information.

Another important benefit of cloud computing is the money that can be saved when companies implement cloud solutions. According to TechSoup​ Global, when servers are virtualized in the cloud, regular maintenance fees and hardware upgrades become unnecessary, because data and workloads are being hosted off-site. This saves money in the long run.

Faction provides enterprise-class cloud computing services to organizations looking to optimize their computing power and increase accessibility. Once enterprises move data into the cloud, they can become more flexible, according to Enterprise CIO. Growing companies will need to upgrade their computing power at some point, and physical hardware can be an expensive hassle. Cloud services, however, allow businesses to quickly and easily add computing power and data storage.