Many major organizations are now making full use of cloud computing in order to best benefits themselves and their clients. Through adopting these technologies, companies are finding themselves more mobile, scalable and flexible than before. Understanding how to make use of these new deployments with different cloud based services is an important part of moving to the new age of cloud computing. While there are many ways that the cloud can help, its full potential is only available to companies that understand the future of business, and that are willing to make changes to their internal structure to be more mobile and open to working through different devices. The use of many of these different elements together can create a business that is able to get its information to employees anywhere while doing anything. This can be incredibly empowering for workers, who no longer are chained to their desks in order to get the information that they need to do their jobs.

A hurdle for the cloud
One element that cloud computing excels at is connecting workers' devices to their stores of data. Yet, according to IT Pro Portal, 89 percent of UK and U.S. businesses are moving to the cloud, but 68 percent do not have active BYOD policies. This is a problem because it highlights a failure to capitalize upon the advantages of cloud computing that organizations should be taking advantage of. By making use of the inherently mobile nature of the cloud, these organizations are limiting their own ability to make an impact on their companies. Using cloud elements to get information to mobile devices can let employees have all the information they need with them in meetings, on business trips, and at home. Understanding the importance of BYOD policy for organizations making user of the private cloud is critical to making full use of new cloud based services.

There are many different types of applications that organizations can use in order to make their new cloud servers useful. Applications ranging from accounting, collaboration, communication, analytics, and big data usage are all cloud-accessible, which could potentially let users enter information in to those pieces of software, or use them, from their tablets or phones. Without making use of these services in order to let employees work with them from anywhere, an organization gives up a major reason to use the cloud and lets it sit there, unused. In order to make sure that a company is taking full advantage of their cloud deployment they should work with a premium cloud vendor that can assist them in creating powerful uses for their new cloud server.

Very large technology companies are making use of cloud computing currently, including Intel and Red Hat, according to ZDNet. This trend will only continue as these organizations create software that can help them and other make powerful contributions to the current landscape of cloud computing. As this platform becomes more supported, there will be more reason for workers to come together through cloud computing applications.

As organizations make more use of cloud computing environments, they will be able to utilize the highly mobile, easy to use applications. Working with the best tools and services a business can use is an important part of getting and staying ahead in this fast-paced, tech-focused economy. By creating solutions that work for themselves and their partners, organizations can make the best use of the private cloud possible and outpace their competitors. All this requires is an embrace of the full range of options that working with the cloud offers.