2015 is winding down and technology predictions for 2016 are in abundance. Faction’s team of experts decided to hop on the prediction bandwagon and give our two cents for what the future holds for cloud computing. Here is what we expect to see more of in 2016 and how the Faction team is paving the way:

The Prevalence of InterCloud

As the cloud transforms into a necessity for many businesses and organizations around the world, the concept of interconnected clouds becomes more and more relevant. InterCloud is essentially a cloud-to-cloud peering network and serves as a useful tool for customers with hybrid or multi-cloud provider platforms looking best-of-breed offerings, such as remote storage, across a variety of network footprints. What’s more, InterCloud allows for strategic partnerships and business opportunities within the cloud computing space.

Today, Faction offers NetApp remote storage for Amazon Web Services’ users. Any business that happens to use the AWS cloud and is standardized on NetApp storage, is merely a cross-connect away from an enterprise-grade NetApp solution. In 2016, Faction will be working with its technology partners to expand this service beyond AWS to other clouds. Faction hopes to be a leader in the cloud peering space, truly bringing meaning to what was envisioned for the InterCloud standard.  crystal-ball-future-cloud-main-684x420.jpgOn Premise Cloud

The question of “where does your company’s cloud sit” is not always an easy one to answer. The truth is, your cloud likely resides in various third party data centers all around the world.

In 2016, Faction would like to pose the question: What if the cloud came to you? We aim to make strides bringing the cloud on premise –as a super secure single appliance with low latency and extremely dense performance.  Imagine a single box that offers connectivity back to Faction cloud so that customers can move workloads between on-premise and off-premise simply and economically. The benefits of having a cloud infrastructure platform in your own backyard are staggering and the Faction team is working tirelessly to make accessing your cloud even easier.

Data Protection Done Right

It’s no secret that Faction takes data protection very seriously. With a plethora of disaster recovery, backup, archiving and storage offerings, we can confidently say migrating your data to the Faction cloud is painless and secure.

In 2016, Faction will be introducing even more data protection platforms to put even the greatest skeptics at ease. We look forward to introducing NetApp AltaVault, which is specifically indicated for cloud backup and data recovery, additional assessment and migration services, and much, much more.  Stay tuned.

2015 was an exciting year for Faction, with the rebrand and introduction of our new and innovative cloud portfolio. We look forward to wowing you again in 2016—happy holidays and may all your cloud wishes come true!

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