Faction’s purpose is to provide the most secure, reliable, highest performing, customizable, easiest to use cloud IAAS platform available to small and medium sized businesses nationwide. We look to unify communities of highly progressive and exacting IT Users and IT Resellers around the revolutionary cause of providing access to cloud IAAS loaded with ways to customize and give users as much control as they want. Faction provides full control to the people using our technology, as well as to those selling it. Our exacting and strong leadership within the cloud IAAS space is evidenced by: highly customizable solutions for end users, innovative and patented technologies and a unique, 100% channel centric business model.

Determined from the start to revolutionize a smarter, uncompromised way for IT pros to reliably work in the cloud, FACTION is gaining rapid momentum and attracting impressive numbers of progressive, forward-thinking customers and channel partners nationwide – all undeterred in their shared pursuit of;

Cloud IAAS so complete, it’s what you’d build yourself if you could.

Faction is the only IAAS solution that doesn’t ask you, or your customers to compromise. Not one iota. As a NEVER EVER COMPETE sales partner, you’re an integral part of the Faction Fold. If our resellers don’t make money, then we don’t either. It’s that simple – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Faction works as an extension of your sales and marketing team, allowing YOU to own your customer relationships and contracts, to dictate pricing and profit margins as you will  – all while scaling on Faction’s back, at your own pace, with $0 capital expenditure and low risk entry into new marketplaces.

With Faction – and only with Faction – will you be able to plug in all of your cloud resources, no matter public, private or on premise, directly into your new Faction cloud. The beauty of that is that you avoid all the typical migration issues that are practically a “given” with any other IAAS provider. We’re talking about literally eliminating the months of work you’ve been bracing for to re-design your vLANS, vPNs, IP schemas, and topologies. Who says change has to be painful? Faction allows you to be up and running – realizing the fruits of your investment in just a smidge of the time you thought it would take.  No protocol changes – no provider changes necessary.

IAAS so complete, it’s what you’d build yourself if you could.