Faction is excited to introduce the Faction Advanced Solutions Team (a.k.a. FAST), a team of experts adept at designing cloud solutions for complex and customized configurations. By leveraging FAST, Faction’s enterprise clients can easily address their specific needs with hands-on, certified solutions specialists, delivering cloud the way you want it.

The Faction Cloud can be structured as a private, public or hybrid, and is used for a variety of situations including backup, DR, and productions workloads. The Cloud can be bundled into “Blocs”, which are resource pools containing a base amount of RAM, CPU, Storage, IOPS, network and user-managed firewall – all will 100% availability SLA. With the help of FAST, Faction customers can fine-tune their Bloc even further, no matter the engineering complexity.

“Faction prides itself on delivering truly customized cloud platforms, unlike other cloud providers who typically only offer one-size-fits-all options,” comments Luke Norris, Chief Executive Officer for Faction. “Through our Faction Advanced Solutions Team, our customers have access to some of the most talented and innovative cloud design experts in the industry. Our dedicated specialists can handle any customer requirement and are able to tackle even the most complex and ambitious cloud initiatives with professionalism and ease.”

Potential Faction Advanced Solutions Use-Cases:

  • Bare Metal Solutions – Faction can assist with high performance bare metal solution configurations so clients can run their own hypervisor or management platform, such as OpenStack.
  • Hybrid Computing and Colocation – Faction engineers can unify multiple cloud environments, colocation providers or on-premise locations and integrate all of them into one cohesive architecture.
  • Recalibration of Workloads for the Cloud – For customers that are switching cloud providers or have workloads that are currently too burdensome for cloud use, FAST can re-design the workloads from the ground up.
  • InterCloud – As the interconnected global cloud of clouds, InterCloud allows users to leverage the best of every cloud provider. Faction’s InterCloud solutions feature remote NetApp storage replication for AWS enterprise customers.

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