It's time to add fighting crime to the rapidly growing list of functions carried out in the enterprise cloud.

It should first be noted that muchpolice work is about effectively handling big data. The larger the crime, the more tips police are likely to get. Many of them will be erroneous, but it often becomes the officers' job to evaluate the credibility of each and every one. If only there were a means of expediting this process … And that's where the enterprise cloud comes into play.

A cloud-based service aimed at fighting crime
According to Business Insider, police forces are realizing that gathering and sifting through evidence can be made a lot easier in the cloud. Specifically, officers are gravitating toward a cloud/app hybrid cal ledthe Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository. As the official website for the LEEDIR points out, the application is not just a service for police, but for citizens as well. A repository by nature, it styles itself as a veritable treasure chest of eyewitness evidence, providing options for users to record videos, upload media and pull from sites like Facebook and YouTube – all with the goal of stopping criminals in their tracks.

The LAPD is currently using the service to help piece together evidence surrounding a massive riot that left property destroyed, police injured, and many culprits running free. With LEEDIR, the LAPD can reap the benefits of citizen tips without having to worry that those tips will consume excess bandwidth on the department's internal computers.

Los Angeles Commander Scott Edson​ explained, "When the public really wants to catch these bad guys as badly as we do, this is the mechanism. They can help us by sending us pictures and video."