At Faction you’ll hear us talk a lot about our patented, Layer 2 Direct Connect technology (watch our video). It’s just our way of explaining that with Faction – and only with Faction – will you be able to bring your existing network ‘as-is’ and plug directly into the Faction cloud without having to change or reprogram a thing!  The beauty of this patented service is that you avoid all the typical re-provisioning issues that are a given with any other IAAS provider. We’re talking about eliminating the months of work you’ve been bracing for to migrate your vLANS, vPNs, and IP schemas, and reprogramming firewalls. Who says change has to be painful? Faction allows you to be up and running – realizing the fruits of your investment – in just a smidge of the time you thought it would take.  No programming changes.  No provider changes necessary.

We really do love you just the way you are!  

When adopting a cloud model most cloud service providers utilize a layer 3 direct connection.  As a result, those providers require their customers to speak their lingo and adjust to their clouds’ prerequisites.  It means customers are forced to re-program firewalls and migrate vLANS, vPNS and IP subnets – essentially change everything in their network-  in order to ‘fit in’ to the needs of the cloud provider.  At Faction, you don’t have to change a thing.  Come as you are.  You can use your existing carrier and bring your network as-is without changing a thing.

Dedicated private pathways

Faction allows customers to build a single global network across any carrier and across all Faction cloud locations.  All resources are seamlessly interconnected no matter their origination.  Dedicated links are secure and low latency, with guaranteed performance and more consistent experience.

Come as You Are

We feel so strongly about our Layer 2 pathways here at Faction, we’ve patented it.   Check out our patent on Google, or read our white paper about the many streamlined benefits of our layer 2 pathways.

Join the cloud revolution

At Faction we are a group of committed individuals dedicated to delivering cloud in a different and better way… And that’s why we give our customers deep control over their environments and our patented Layer 2 network connections.  Join our cloud revolution!