Picky? Uncompromising? Works for us!

You’ll fit right in at Faction, where no one ever has to compromise on cloud. First, start with a solid core of compute, storage, state-of-the-art network resources, and then fine-tune it with the exact components and amounts you need to make our cloud your own. There’s no such thing as small, medium and large instances here. Forget about compromising and join a revolutionary new approach!

Create Your Perfect Cloud

It’s time to customize your cloud. Each Faction core bundle, or “Bloc” includes a base amount of RAM, CPU, Storage, IOPS, network, user-managed firewall, and of course our 100% availability SLA. Tell us how many Blocs you need and in which locations (we have 8 cloud locations from which to choose). Then customize your Bloc(s) with the additional processing, storage, IO, network, and managed services as needed. Faction Cloud Blocs can be structured as private cloud, public cloud, hybrid, or used for backup and disaster recovery. Our private cloud features highly available dedicated compute, dedicated virtual storage, and dedicated network.  It also includes free Gig speed Layer 2 Direct Connect to any faction cloud location.

Faction’s Marketplace is a convenient resource to help you acquire any other piece you need.  Through our unique marketplace, customers choose from a wide array of managed services, colocation, software, and outsourced IT solutions to enhance the functionality of your IT. Still don’t see what you need? Turn to our Advanced Solutions team for hands-on assistance with bare metal solutions, hybrid implementations, and recalibrating any workloads you have for the cloud.

Faction Cloud is customizable from top to bottom, whether you’re implementing at a single location or supporting hybrid multi-site cloud services. Be as picky as you want!

Take Control

Hybrid and private clouds with dedicated VMware vCenter access put you in control of cloud management, from high level customization and resource allocation all the way down to the minute details. Control freaks are welcomed with open arms!

Connect As You Are

Our patented Layer 2 Direct Connect technology allows you to connect to Faction using your existing IP subnets, vLAN topology, firewalls, and VPN architectures. Just plug in your network as it is. Simple? Yes. In fact, Faction lets you seamlessly interconnect all private, public, and on-premise cloud resources onto your existing global network

Become a part of Faction’s global cloud infrastructure and gain the flexibility and control you need. Join the Faction cloud revolution