If you are a frequent reader of the Faction blog, you know we are obsessed with putting you in the driver’s seat – allowing for complete control over your virtual cloud environment. Well, we are taking the ‘putting you in the driver’s seat’ lingo literally. Now, anyone who is interested in joining the Faction fold is able to give our cloud a test drive! Let us explain…

Deciding on the optimal cloud environment for your customers isn’t the easiest of choices. With multiple factors to consider, in an industry where lengthy contract terms are common, shouldn’t you test-drive the product before taking the plunge? We certainly think so! That is why we are letting you try the Faction Cloud for 30 days free of charge and with absolutely no obligations. new_car.jpg

Here’s how it works: Faction’s expert team of engineers will design, build and implement a highly available cloud, suited to fit your unique needs and specifications. We’ll then hand over the keys and you can take it for a 30-day spin. During your virtual test drive, you will have the option to terminate your contract anytime – risk and hassle free. At Faction, we love simplicity, and this is no exception.

We believe in giving you the highest degree of control and access to your virtual environment, with exceptional performance and broad customization. The Faction Cloud Bloc simplifies the customization process further by allowing customers to build their cloud components from top to bottom – no one size fits all here!

Like what you see? Sign up your customers today! For more information, contact your channel manager or email us at getcloud@factioninc.com. We look forward to welcoming you into the Faction Fold!