Peak, a leading enterprise-class infrastructure-as-a-service cloud provider, recently announced it published two U.S. patents for its innovative, Layer 2 Peak to Peak Direct Connect networking service, which enables faster, easier and more cost-effective migration to hybrid cloud solutions.

"By using Peak's patented Layer 2 network topology, clients are able to seamlessly interconnect all of their private, public and on-premise cloud resources logically over the Physical Device Layer, as opposed to having to convert them for Layer 3 readiness, a process that can take many months to complete," the company revealed in a press release.

Peak's flexible IaaS architecture has provided customers with a multitude of benefits. Traditionally, one of the greatest obstacles to cloud migration was the complexity of Layer 3. However, with Peak, partners are able to keep existing IP addresses without the need to re-provision firewalls, routers or Spanning Tree Protocol, noted Hooker Heggestad, a senior engineer and patent author at Peak.

In the past, it would take enterprises with more than 2,000 network-connected devices at least one year to convert to Layer 3. Now, Peak's patented solution drastically reduces the conversion time to less than an hour.

Features of Peak to Peak Direct Connect allow its partners to:

  • Extend their existing networks into the cloud in Layer 2 without the use of particular software at all endpoints.
  • Reduce costs and improve the quality of service by utilizing one provider.
  • Use the network provider of their choice.
  • Create a private, secure route from their data centers or clouds to Peak's cloud.
  • Utilize their own IP schema, firewalls and routing to reduce the complexities of Layer 3 networking.

In addition, the patent allows channel partners that have IT infrastructure on premises to interconnect with clouds separate from Peak's.

"With our patented cloud technology, we can easily extend the economic benefits of Peak's cloud directly into our clients' infrastructures," said Peak CEO and Founder Luke Norris. "The amount of time that saves clients who now do not have to worry about doing that themselves or managing their own equipment is tremendous."