Enterprise-class cloud computing continues to experience remarkable growth as an industry, as more organizations discover the benefits of agile business models. Acting as an enterprise support system is one of the fundamental values of the cloud model. For VAR cloud providers, the level of support is ratcheted up another notch, as the infrastructure and storage solutions they offer can be leveraged by clients into expanding their own business.

PeakColo has been at the forefront of the cloud movement, especially where reselling cloud services is concerned, and has been in the industry spotlight lately for their efforts. The company recently announced that it secured $3 million in funding from Square 1 Bank, a leading financial solutions provider in the venture capital community. The funding will go toward expanding cloud node capacities in PeakColo's current hosting locations in order to foster higher capability in its cloud channels. Square 1 Bank targets technology innovators that are making valuable contributions to the enterprise IT world, and representatives expected the additional funding to further enhance PeakColo's cloud service growth and expansion.

"We are impressed with PeakColo's rapid growth and success in enacting a business model that is both profitable and repeatable across various locations," said Square 1 Bank vice president Ken Fugate. "We look forward to continuing our relationship and helping to drive PeakColo's continued success."

Partnering with innovations
Key partnerships with other technology innovators has been a hallmark of PeakColo's industry rise. CEO Luke Norris spoke about the different components that go into the enterprise IaaS cloud offerings in a recent interview with Telecom Ramblings. VAR providers are particularly significant contributors in the cloud services and infrastructure supply chain, Norris said, because they are expected to do more than merely provide the technology and supervise the initial integration.

"VARs have traditionally worked as trusted advisors and consultants for enterprises," he told the source. "They know the applications, but they understand that they need to become more system architects than just physical technology integrators."

Norris highlighted attention to detail when constructing an enterprise cloud ecosystem as paying off down the line. PeakColo follows a step-by-step process of increased support with business partners, beginning first with white-labeling data center services before advancing the VARs and distributors. Norris also discussed PeakColo's 100 percent channel-centric business model, eschewing the running of direct and channel businesses side-by-side because of the potential distractions and reduced channel support it can create.

"If you have a direct business and a channel business, I don't believe you can truly provide the focus that's needed to be a white label provider," he said.