One of the benefits of migrating to enterprise cloud computing is the holistic improvement of data storage. The cloud enables businesses to store their data in a more scalable environment, driven by optimizing functionality and the elimination of storing and sharing issues to benefit overall operations. NetApp, one of the world leaders in data storage solutions, recently announced the launch of Data ONTAP 8.2, which brings added support and flexibility to their premium storage services.

NetApp’s ONTAP delivers clustered solutions for its users, including enterprise cloud service providers, that improve the overall efficacy of IaaS cloud integration. It is designed to make data management easier and eliminate causes of system disruption and IT downtime. NetApp leaders expect that the new ONTAP update, which follows the success of ONTAP 8.1, released nearly a year ago, will deliver increased functionality to its users.

“The core value of clustered ONTAP is the ability to eliminate planned downtime caused by storage tasks,” explained NetApp CTO Jay Kidd. “Most vendors offer hardware resiliency to avoid unplanned outages, but the ability to do expansion, migration and full tech refresh without the application owners having to know is unique to NetApp.”

Non-disruptive solutions for data storage updates make enterprise IaaS clouds even more attractive to potential adopters, as it removes one more source of worry and planning from IT staffs and budgetary considerations. One of the biggest issues in the pursuit of successful big data usage is preventing the weight of data from compromising company agility in critical business operations. Several industry analysts commented favorably on NetApp’s direction toward clustered solutions and maximized scalability. Forbes contributor and SiliconANGLE founder John Furrier wrote that Data ONTAP 8.2 should experience growth because it meets the burgeoning demand for software-defined infrastructure in enterprise clouds.

“The ability to take a scale-out architecture and match it to the general purpose IT use case as opposed to it being siloed in specific verticals is something NetApp’s customers are looking for,” Furrier wrote.

NetApp issues awards to digital storage innovators
NetApp also recently announced the award winners and finalists of its ninth annual Innovations Awards, which celebrates business and public service clients that built powerful IT computing programs with NetApp’s Data ONTAP architecture as a base. The awards, issued to the innovators of the year and in three IT operations categories – Pioneer, Go Beyond and Visionary Leadership – celebrate the abilities of cloud service providers and other businesses to develop agile business solutions based on NetApp’s scalable data clusters.

PeakColo was awarded as one of the finalists for the Go Beyond category at the ceremony, held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif.

“The Innovation Awards allow us to shine the spotlight on our customers and recognize their accomplishments,” said NetApp VP Rob Salmon. “I always look forward to this time of the year because I love celebrating how customers are achieving phenomenal business results and making a difference in their industries and communities with solutions built on NetApp.”