Software-defined networking (SDN) is a key component of enterprise IaaS cloud computing, as it virtualizes the management of network services. It extends the figurative room in which clouds can be placed and localizes the use and maintenance of storage and infrastructure-providing facilities in far-flung locations. VMware, a leading enterprise software provider, recently announced plans to expand their SDN services, according to Network World.

The vCloud Hybrid Service improves critical IaaS cloud speed and agility with a high-capacity, low-latency network architecture deployment that is almost entirely software-managed. Only some x86-based networking switches will remain to connect the cloud with hardware. VMware management said that the service will enable clients to create and configure customized virtual networks and manage access policies. Network World highlighted one example, in which a client could create segmented networks that can specify particular data that can be transferred through each segment. It can also provide customized firewall and load balancing options.

“It’s a complete virtual network,” said VMware vice president Mathew Lodge, according to Network World.

VMware looks to ‘containerize’ enterprise cloud applications
In addition to their SDN efforts, VMware is working on a project that will look to increase virtualization and make enterprise cloud applications more manageable, especially in accordance with different industry needs, reported the Register. According to VMware CTO Paul Strong, the company is looking to streamline the integration of business critical applications, which can amount to three thousand to five thousand in number for large enterprises.

“That is driven not by the complexity of infrastructure but by the complexity of applications,” Strong told The Register. “Every app has to be purchased or built, architected, integrated and tested again and again and again, installed, managed, monitored and archived by people with the skills to do it. You might also have a tools ecosystem that goes with it.”

Cloud service providers that partner with VMware will be able to offer organizations IaaS cloud solutions that make the adoption process easier and more painless than ever.