Latency is critical in delineating cloud services for production usage. Here at PeakColo we seek to build solutions that can truly handle tier 1-0 applications from the most demanding consumers. Latency isn’t just a concern outside the data center but within as well. Latency between switching and storage fabrics can have drastic consequences on application performance. Routing and switching fabrics along with clustered storage technologies are changing the way data traditionally flows within and out of the data center. The ability to pick cloud providers with 5 – 10 or 15 diverse internet providers changes the landscape of options for application delivery. Bring your own device (BYOD), desktop as a service, web 3.0, collapsed support methods, real time bi directional DR and active – active site service delivery all heavily rely on the predictability and control of latency. Third party monitoring solutions such as CloudSlueth help point out how operations and applications within geographies could potentially respond with the induced latency of having your systems hosted at a cloud provider. With this understanding in mind PeakColo continues to expand into additional regions and we will continue to look at monitoring tools such as Cloudslueth to show value in the geo dispersion of our services. Thorough out the weeks I will continue to write about Latency sensitive issues and architecture within and out of the data center.