Transitions can be painful, but at Faction, we don’t like to see anyone in pain. That’s why we developed the Transition Swing Space for NetApp customers. Now, customers upgrading from NetApp’s 7-Mode to NetApp’s Clustered Data OnTap (cDOT) can utilize Faction’s cloud-based migration path for a seamless onboarding experience.

NetApp’s 7-Mode platform has been the traditional Data ONTAP filer operating system for more than 20 years. However, NetApp’s cDOT means improved performance, data mobility, and service quality, but migrating data is not a simple task. Faction’s Transition Swing Space removes the barriers of migrating, so you are able to leverage all of the advantages the new platform has to offer. To top it off, our cloud-based transition space is bundled with premium Faction and NetApp service, and since we are a Top 20 NetApp service provider, we understand your solutions inside and out, ensuring the optimal customer experience.

No disruption and no compromises.

Faction’s cloud is 100% NetApp-based, so by using our Transition Swing Space, you are ensuring the control, scale and broad customization that you are used to. By leveraging our expertise and knowledge of NetApp’s platforms, switching over to cDOT becomes easy and efficient.

Our three-month transition service includes:

  • Initial setup of the data repository in Faction’s cloud
  • All-at-once data replication into the Faction cloud
  • Data storage during migration consultations
  • Conversion of your data to cDOT, when you’re ready
  • Replication of your data back to your location

For a limited time, enjoy Faction’s three-month Transition Swing Space service for up to one year, at no additional cost. Who can say NO to twelve months for the price of three?

For more information on Faction’s Transition Swing Space, please visit or watch our Swing Space Video.