Cloud adoption doesn't need to be difficult. While there are some enterprise stakeholders who are inevitably going to be worried when they take on a new technology, the easy benefits of the cloud make it so that there is little to lose when dealing with cloud computing vendors. A major point that should be considered is not the foundational elements of the technology itself. Instead, companies should be sure that a given organization will be partnering with is able to fulfill the technical demands of the cloud. With the right partner it can be very easy to get all the benefits of the cloud and not worry about dealing with pesky upgrades and hardware maintenance.

The choice between cloud computing vendors is important because of how much power they wield over the entire selection and deployment process. Choosing a group that is able to fill the demands of a given company can be difficult, especially when considering the kinds of requriements a large organization can place on network infrastructure. Companies need could vendors with technical experience and an understanding of the business to which they are providing cloud serivces. Finding a cloud company that is able to give that is a case of narrowing down the competition. Computerworld UKrecently published a very useufl article about the difference between cloud computing vendors that are experts and "cloud posers," which are typically young start-up organizations that haven't been on the market for long. The red flags brought up here by contributor Jason Lehr are problems with industry standard compliance, uptime and security breach issues. Strong organizations are transparent about their security, highly compliant with industry standards and don't overpromise on reliability. Being oversold on something is just as bad as being lied to – find out exactly what your cloud computing vendor can provide and hold them to that promise.

The benefits of the cloud are worth the search
It would be foolish for organizations to invest so much in finding the right companies to partner with if it wasn't worth it to a have a strong cloud deployment. However, the market in general agrees that moving to the cloud is a huge priority. Organizations are dedicating a quarter of their IT budgets to the cloud on average, according to a recent poll by IDG Enterprise. Thirty-eight percent of those polled had noted that they were finished migrating to the cloud and were now using it fully. The benefits of mobility, scalability and flexibility brought by cloud computing to enterprise clients cannot be overstated, and it only takes finding a capable cloud vendor to make that vision a reality. Utilizing the best in technology is as simple as working with a partner that knows how to tailor their cloud based services to a given business and industry.

Finding the right vendor and moving to the cloud isn't just a good idea for many organizations – it can unlock an uncharted sea of new opportunities for growth and development. When workers can collaborate regardless of physical distance, it is much easier to pull from the top-ranking talent across the world. Boosting the efficiency of employees can allow organizations to take on larger and tougher tasks in order to achieve very high levels of success that would simply be unattainable without the benefit of the cloud. Working with a trusted partner in cloud development should be a priority for all companies ready to increase their market share.