The promise the enterprise cloud makes to all its users is efficient computing in a safe environment. Nowhere else can organizations find the ease of cloud functionality merged with the security that only the private cloud can offer. For this reason, the enterprise cloud is understandably gaining steam as the only platform for company functionality. With a recent RightScale survey finding that 94 percent of responding businesses are harnessing the cloud, it is easy to see a near future where the cloud is the only place business happens. 

As with all technologies, the cloud is characterized by its users. A recent Forbes piece pointed to some perhaps unexpected traits of cloud computing that have emerged only through widespread use.

  • Businesses are attracted to cloud because of innovation over monetary potential. According to cloud insider Tim Minahan, companies are increasingly seeing the cloud not just as a cost-savings platform, but more importantly, as a place to enhance business. "Companies are looking to invest in the cloud as their innovation platform as a way to achieve new processes and insights," he said.
  • The type of cloud is important. Oftentimes, "the cloud" is referred to as though it's a single entity, which is inaccurate. As the distinction between the public and private cloud illustrates, there are many different types of cloud platforms – and choosing the best option is a one-way ticket to better business.