Health care organizations are beginning to adopt cloud computing at a faster rate than ever before. At the time of the 2014 HIMSS Analytics Cloud Survey, around 83 percent of health care organizations were utilizing some form of cloud computing to deliver better services to patients. The survey also found that about 67 percent of health care companies were running software-as-a-service-based applications, and 15.9 percent were running the cloud out of infrastructure-as-a-service platforms.

In practice, the cloud is helping organizations implement new technologies and strategies on a huge scale in the health industry. Large health care organizations like the Mayo Clinic are already utilizing the cloud to strengthen processes and provide better care for patients across the country. For instance, the Mayo Clinic is using the cloud to store genetic information that has been converted to digital data, according to Healthcare IT News. This would eventually lead to an "array of consumer applications" stemming from this genetic digital data, making it more accessible to the public and to health care professionals in general.

The Mayo Clinic isn't the only provider taking advantage of the benefits of cloud computing. Here is an in-depth look at three other ways that health care organizations are utilizing the cloud to improve patient care and further research goals:

"Cloud infrastructure is helping organizations remain compliant with both HIPAA and meaningful use guidelines."

1. EMRs
With meaningful use coming to the forefront of the operations of many clinics and hospitals, the adoption rate of electronic medical records continues to rise. According to, meaningful use states that all medical records must be migrated to electronic platforms. This is intended to improve clinical outcomes and patient engagement. This is along with the added benefit of cutting down on paper waste and facilitating the easy transmission of these documents from one health care provider to the next.

Organizations are migrating their records to the digital realm. The global market for EMR systems is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 9.2 percent from 2015 through 2020 due to increasing demand for better health care facilities, according to a recent study from P&S Market Research. Cloud infrastructure is helping organizations remain compliant with both HIPAA and meaningful use guidelines by providing them wit