A recent poll carried out by Compuware suggests that there is a general sense of dissatisfaction among businesses occupying the cloud. The poll – which reached out to IT professionals – was conducted to ascertain whether companies felt their needs were being met in the cloud. The results of the survey demonstrated that more businesses need to find a cloud service provider that will directly meet their needs.

Underwhelming response among those polled points to need for greater enterprise cloud engagement
Of the 740 executive-level IT personnel polled, 73 percent of them felt that their cloud platform was not robust enough to reveal weaknesses that could harm the business infrastructure. As a result, these companies felt their presence in the cloud was not being realized to the fullest extent possible. But there is probably a reason why so many businesses expressed concern about their cloud. As the survey also shows, 62 percent of respondents said they did not feel they had enough visibility into their company's cloud infrastructure.

This perceived lack of company control over a cloud platform is an understandable reason for any business to doubt the robustness of its cloud provider. Fortunately for all organizations out there, a solution exists to eliminate this feeling of powerlessness in virtual computing: the enterprise cloud. Because of its highly individualized nature and the myriad opportunities it provides for customers to maximize its benefits, the enterprise cloud emerges as the most effective, navigable and business-forward virtual platform for any operation.

Michael Masterson, an executive at Compuware, said that companies are becoming increasingly discerning when it comes to where to store their information virtually.

"Entrusting mission critical business applications that drive revenue and critical business processes require ultimate trust and accountability in a cloud provider," he said. Fortunately, companies can place trust in the enterprise cloud.