Many companies are moving to the enterprise IaaS cloud, however, not all of them know how to properly use it. Once they get the proper tools and learn how to correctly manage their clouds, they will be able to get the most value out of the cloud. Incisive Media Research Editor John Leonard listed five tools that businesses can use to improve their IaaS cloud experience.

There are plenty of benefits to the enterprise cloud, including the cost differential from legacy systems. However, many companies aren't knowledgeable about the cloud even though they are moving to it. Businesses can ease their transition to the cloud with five tools that will help them get the most out of the switch:

  • Application programming interface management: Businesses need to be able to control more than a single user interface to make IaaS worth it.
  • Automation: Those who have automation tools will be able better handle the scaling process.
  • Monitoring: These tools give companies the ability to identify where their applications are causing bottlenecks in the cloud. That way, they can optimize how their apps run.
  • Security: Because most clouds are shared with other businesses, using security tools with data in the cloud is a must.
  • Cost-tracking system: Companies need these tools because they are able to monitor how scaling up or down affects how much cloud resources cost.

Numerous advantages to IaaS
​When companies are looking to move to the cloud, it is important for them to understand exactly what the benefits can be for their business. Windows IT Pro's Rod Trent reflected on the ways companies are using the cloud now and will be in the future.

"I think it's important to understand exactly what companies are looking for in an IaaS solution and what they are really looking to do by investing that time into the research," Trent wrote.

An infographic from a cloud service provider that surveyed 325 individuals over a three-month period showed the companies are looking for increased reliability in their infrastructure and cost efficiency. Enterprises are looking for better support from their cloud service providers and the ability to adapt the cloud to meet their specific needs.

The infographic also listed the top three ways the cloud is being used today and how it will be leveraged in the next few years. Right now, business are using the cloud to support new workloads, critical applications and test workloads. In the future, disaster recovery will become a common application of IaaS, replacing critical applications.