The enterprise cloud is unstoppable, and the force of its growth is only set to strengthen with the years. According to IHS, the market for business spending in the cloud will rise from its projected level of $174 billion this year to a massive $235 billion by 2017. This estimated boost would represent a 35 percent increase in the market over the next three years. The enterprise cloud has been experiencing consistent and rapid growth over the past few years. The value of enterprise cloud spending now, for example, has more than doubled since 2011. Why is all this development happening now? The answer is simple: Companies are realizing that the cloud is not only the best place to do business, but will soon become the only place.

"Enterprises today are trying to create faster, more efficient I.T. environments to ensure more responsive, agile and successful businesses," said IHS senior director for information Jagdish Rebello. "In these cloud-based settings, enterprises also want to integrate the deep analytical power of big data."

Big data and the analytical capacities that accompany it can be far better realized harnessing a cloud service provider. Therefore, businesses flocking to the cloud represent a logical progression toward the ultimate singularity of the cloud as the platform for enterprises.

With increasing move toward enterprise cloud, some tips for CIOs
​Moving a company to the cloud can undoubtedly present some anxiety for the CIO and IT team. Fortunately, InfoTech Lead assembled some tips to make that transition smoother:

  • Run a pilot project before the official cloud move in order to gain the aptitude that will be vital when an actual migration takes place.
  • Make sure that whatever security infrastructure your enterprise uses extends to the cloud. A vulnerable cloud can often mean compromised data.
  • Configure the cloud to the company needs. This is a step made easy in the enterprise cloud, where each platform is highly individualized to meet company needs.