Companies that leverage an enterprise cloud are finding many useful applications for it. While clouds are cost-effective and extremely efficient, mobility might be the greatest benefit to these organizations. The Guardian contributor Jon Card stated that the flexibility to work out of the office offered by the cloud could lead to the end of the office space as we know it.

With cloud solutions in place, working in the enterprise can be done from anywhere as long as there is a network connection. This allows workers to conduct business from home or when on the road meeting with a client. For many employees, this can lead to greater productivity and quality of life that might be unattainable if they worked in the office. Company executives can also reduce costs by compacting office space or even eliminating it all together.

"The flexibility has had a hugely positive effect on our staff as our employees enjoy a greater work/life balance," stated Webexpenses managing director Sanjay Parekh, whose company hasn't had a physical office since 2007. "This in turn has ensured we have happy, more productive employees."

That doesn't mean co-workers aren't connected, though. Through a variety of mobile applications such as Skype or Dropbox, collaboration can still be done through the cloud.

Enterprise operations can be significantly improved by combining mobile technologies with cloud solutions. Business 2 Community contributor John Ashmit explained that as mobile solutions continue to be integrated with the cloud, more enterprises will be clamoring for these capabilities.

The flexibility and security that cloud service providers offer businesses have improved the way many companies operate.

"These type (sic) of mobile-based services that can deliver a secure and agile mobile work environment are the way for the future," wrote Ashmit.