Finding the best way to use a private cloud network means carefully examining its use. While some organizations get into the private cloud on the basis of utilizing scale to run programs more efficiently, there are other reasons and strategies for the use of a privae cloud server. Profitable use of a private cloud server besidse the ability to scale up and down quickly, is to realize its ability to allow organizations to move toward a more mobile perspective. The advantages of cloud computing are multifaceted but there is no single potential innovation more useful than always-on, instantly-accessible information. Once communication lines are boundless, it is much easier for groups to coordinate effectively, greatly increasing the company's efficiency as a whole.

The issue that most organizations have with regard to the advantages of cloud computing that they have not been informed about the many powerful ways that the cloud can be used. Using cloud computing resources just for cost-cutting measures is fine, but obscures other advantages that can be gained. GigaOm pointed out that not everyone is Netflix, so not everyone needs to be able to stream content to a million subscribers at once, but there are still many ways that cloud computing can radically redefine a business model or launch a new service altogether. A group that is adopting a private cloud network should study how other have used it to revolutionize their businesses in the past and see if any of those strategies can apply to what they are doing.

Mobile businesses ushered in by cloud computing
A major source of new jobs and pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit is the creation of jobs run by mobile apps, such as TaskRabbit. New companies like TaskRabbit use the advantages of cloud computing to create entirely new business models, reported the New York Times. In TaskRabbit's case, it is creating a network of freelance home-repair, child-care, and other miscellaneous household task specialists that are local to the neighborhood of the app's customer base. By asking someone to do something on TaskRabbit, a user can very quickly get a nearby expert to come into their home and do something for them. Payment is handled by the business. In this way, a brand new style of organizing labor and productivity has been created through the use of mobile and cloud computing technology, one in which more opportunities exist for startups and  larger businesses to transition their models into powerful web-driven resources for customers.

Transitions are possible and easy
Not everyone is Netflix, but everyone can learn from the agility of their business leaders. Before the cloud computing boom happened, Netflix began to transition its image from a company that primarily sent rental DVDs to users  a leader in movie and television streaming.  It feels like it was a smooth transition because Netflix so expertly applied the advantages of cloud computing. Netflix understood that its core service was delivering movie content, and found a way to bring that from the old paradigm of movies as packaged in physical form and translated it into the 21st century business platform of streaming video. Any organization that truly understands its core competencies can perform a similar transformation if willing to take the risk.

The advantages of cloud computing come from the way that it allows organizations to fundamentally alter their structure and way of operating. IT staff in groups need to be able to lobby for the powerful changes that can be brought on with a private cloud for a business so that everyone can enjoy the fruit of this labor, which is a stable, long-lasting workplace that will continue to remain profitable in the midst of a sea of changes.